Fall 2017 NCMA Quarterly Newsletter

Whew! It has been a busy conference and meeting season for many of us across the state! There has been much to learn and share, not to mention plenty of sisterhood, networking, and connection to fill our cups!

There are quite a few more workshops and trainings coming up in the next few weeks, please check out the latest newsletter for all the details.

Read the newsletter here.

We are so blessed to have this space of unity, where we may be nurtured and restored. In this season of thanks-giving, please know that the North Carolina Midwives Alliance is grateful to serve YOU. Please send any information for future workshops, CEU events, poetry, blogs, thoughts, and/or pictures to mare2raven@gmail.com so that we can include them in future newsletters. NCMA is more than happy to promote your events and help bring sister midwives together.

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