NCMA Speaking on Unity at the Tristate ACNM Conference September 23rd!

North Carolina is hosting this years ACNM Tristate Conference at the Lake Junaluska Conference Center. It’s been a long time since NC had a midwifery conference and NCMA is honored to be represented. Members Nancy Koerber, CPM, and Belinda Lashea, CNM, DEM, will be giving a presentation on unity in midwifery and why it is a goal worth striving for.

So, what is Unity? Unity is a philosophy of partnership, of inclusiveness, and one that honors diversity. It is an agreement to collaborate in ways that enrich each group involved and do not compromise the basic principles or well-being of any of the groups.  And finally, unity is about standing together in the face of adversity.

This conference is an opportunity to honor and strengthen the threads that bind us. It is our sincere hope that midwives from all backgrounds will feel empowered to attend. May the love we have for women be extended to one another, creating a space of sisterhood, safety, and healing!

For more information or to register for the conference see the links below. One day registrations are allowed.

TriState 2017 Conference Flyer (1)

TriState Flyer TriFold


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