NCMA Beach Retreat 2018, the movie!

NC Midwives Alliance knows how to do a retreat! We relaxed, laughed, played games, walked the beach, stretched and restored during yoga, studied the pelvic floor with gusto, and renewed our CPR. Please enjoy the video created by Tristan Lashea, in love and gratitude to the many midwives in her life.

The best thing about the retreat beyond the beauty of being with a beautifully diverse group of sister midwives, was that it was simply expected that each woman would follow her own rhythms, resting and engaging as desired. Oh, and the food, THE. FOOD. Meals prepared with love were enjoyed by all.

Thank you to each and every person who attended for an hour or the whole weekend, your energy and presence was important and appreciated.

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A very heartfelt thank you to Meredith Christie for arranging such a perfect get-a-way for us. And to Caroline Keeler, PT, of Inside Out Physical Therapy in Wilmington, who taught us all the magically good things that physical therapy has to offer our clients (and ourselves!).

Next year’s retreat is gonna be EPIC!!!

Blessed Be the Midwives!


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